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BTEC Fares & Ticketing 1


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C&G Air Fares & Ticketing 2


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What's Covered

Where activities match the Pearson BTEC assessment and grading criteria they are indicated for each section.

1. Understand IATA terms & definitions (P5)

2. Know IATA codes (P1,P2)

3. Know IATA areas (P3, P4)

4. Understand fare types (P6, P7, P11)

5. Construct appropriate fares (p10, P12, P13, P14, P15, P16)

6. Construct basic fares using the mileage system (p17, P18)

7. Baggage allowances, taxes, fees & charges (p23, P24, P25, P26, M4)

8. Interpret air travel documentation (P19, P20, P21, P22)


What's Covered

This Unit has been collaboratively developed with other awarding organisations and so there is consistency with, for example, the subject headings covered in the BTEC course. 

There is variation in the course order and more particularly, in the way students are assessed and graded.

Our module supporting the City & Guilds unit reflects their approach and includes short answer mock papers to test the learning and prepare for the final online testing of the same style. 


Air Fares & Ticketing Course Options Summary


Learn Travel

Air Fares & Ticketing Foundation


Air Fares & Ticketing - Introductory

Certificate in exploring the Aviation Industry


Air Travel - An Introduction

Learn  Travel

Air Fares & Ticketing IATA Level 1


Air Fares & Ticketing level 2


Air Travel - Reservations, Fares & Ticketing


Air Fares & Ticketing 1

Air Fares & Ticketing 2


Air Fares & Ticketing 3


Air Travel -  Advanced

Learn Travel

Air Fares & Ticketing 

IATA Level 2

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Learn Travel  Air Fares and Ticketing courses are endorsed by 

Thai Airways

Travel Industry / Self Study Fares & Ticketing Courses

Learn Travel offer a range of air fares & ticketing courses and resources to help you achieve your goal. We provide courses written to meet IATA specification at Levels 1 and 2. Courses are available with remote support so are ideal for self study.

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The SQA Air Travel Range


SQA Air Travel modules available at 3 levels to support teaching and studying to the awarding body specification

Aviation Courses